Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paris is back!


Well after a bit of a hiatus I must say it's great to be back here in the blogging hotseat, here to delivery the freshest news and juciest goss, direct from the horses mouth!

It's been one of those crazy weeks here at Planet, the kind that has you simultaneously pulling your hair out (luckily I started the week with the most fabulous blow dry I've had in ages) and loving life. With well over 20 cakes in production this week there have been some slightly hectic moments but it has been so fantastic and inspirational to see the place pumping with my super-talented and creative team. Go PC!

While there were so many to chose from, I have to say my favourite cake of the week was this ENORMOUS $1 coin cake we made for the Royal Australian Mint. This was a serious undetaking, and no, I have to admit it is not ALL cake, with most of it being made from styrofoam (otherwise our delivery driver Carlos would have had kittens trying to get it out the door!)

This morning we kicked off our very first book launch..Woooo Hoooo... and as always it was great to have the chance to meet so many of our loyal fans. Ah, a day of books and cupcakes, could it get any sweeter? I can't wait to do the same thing again in Brisbane and Melbourne later this month. There are still limited spaces available in both states so if you're interested in grabbing a copy of the book and trying your hand at cupcake decorating, just visit our online course page.


Speaking of meeting our fans, as of November I will be hosting monthly Morning Tea Parties and I would like to extend a cordial invitation to all of you. Once a month, myself and 20 cake lovers will gather here in Balmain to sit back and chat about cake, the universe and everything over a cuppa and, well of course cake. To come along, just email the lovely Cat here in our office on:

2011 NEWS

While you may be familiar with our Basics and Novelty marathons, next year we will be introducing the very first ever Sugar Flowers Marathon. The series will include:

- Wedding flowers
- Whimsical flowers
- Tropical flowers
- English flowers and
- Beginners flowers

and we will of course, be employing the help of Brisbane's Amazing Greg Cleary. Sorry guys we don't have the exact dates locked in yet so online registration still isn't open, but keep an eye out on the website over the next couple of months.

In other school news, it is with much regret that I announce th closure of our Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth school for the duration of 2011, as we undertake extensive teacher training here in Sydney. Don't worry guys, it's certainly not goodbye, we will be back bigger and better in 2010!

Now after one full-on week, I must admit that I will be celebrating, bubbly in hand, at an intimate family gathering to celebrate 13 months of (very) hard work on the new book. Check me out revelling in these fresh-off-the-press copies of Planet Cake Cupcakes.

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