Thursday, November 11, 2010

Planet Cake Cupcakes BOOK TOUR

This week has been tiring but so wonderful, I am sure it has been for you as well if you are decorating cakes! We have received lots of positive feedback about the book Planet Cake Cupcakes and I really liked spending time with the team (Margie, Adam, Adina, Danielle and Jess) on the road for the book tour. Here is photo of us arriving at Brisbane airport at 6am and a coffee was definately in order after a 4am start, same for Melbourne. I gave Dermalogica hydration mask a work out, not sure it worked. While looking through the photo library this morning, I found this photo of the staff…I knew I should be spending more time in the office, jokers extraordinaire these guys, must be the sugar! I also have a confession to make, at the Brisbane book launch I stole a baby, his darling mother was eager to get him back but its too long since I have held a baby and those chubby legs pull me in every time, I apologize! Enjoy the week, remember no cake will ever be 100% perfect and just laugh, you are all perfectionists, and luckily your audience isn’t!!

Book Launch Tour: The Planet Cake team went on the road to visit Brisbane and Melbourne where we met nearly 200 wonderful attendees. It was a delight to be able to meet and get to know so many faces. The program involved some words from me about the book, cake decorating and the future trend of cupcakes. Then cupcake decorating with the incredible and elusive Margie, Adam,Adina, Jessica and Danielle using three designs from the book, teaching the techniques of modeling, faces and painting. There were some great results and lots of people setting up their own cake decorating business’ which was really exciting.

Paris Prediction: The cupcake craze has been going full steam for quite a while in Australia, however I had the opportunity on the Book Launch tour to ask people what the demand was for cupcakes and their findings were the same as mine. There has been a fall in cupcake requests for Weddings and Corporate, however an increase in other areas. Cupcakes are being taken to the limit in terms of design and many home decorators were doing much better than large commercial cupcake business’, however there will also was be exceptions….this photo of Sprinkles cupcakes in the USA, they are delicious.

My faourite cake of the week:
Was this gorgeous cake by Anna Maria and Antony stole the show in my opinion, but my eagle eye found a fault, in the interests of training your own eye…can you see it? Not enough to undermine the cake but enough to irritate the perfectionist in us all!

It’s true I will be brining a full day Biz Whiz (business workshop for cake decorators) to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney – Check courses website for further details.In conjunction with the Biz Whiz courses I will also be running morning teas, at no cost. Just a gaggle of 20 cakes decorators and me, so keep your eyes peeled for details, I know the Sydney one is full;0(

Next week:
will be hectic, photo shoots, working our way through the upcoming Kids Express, Cupcakes Olympics event. 200 corporate contestants killing each other Masterchef style in Sydney with each team making 200 cupcakes in 2 hours, not that easy if you have never decorated before. We also have Foundation course running next week. Whoa I love meeting the students on the beginning of a journey that changed my life; it’s nice to get excited again about cake decorating all over again!!

Have a great week beautiful decorators, remember to hop onto Facebook and keep up to date, also you can ask question to me directly through the Planet Cake tea party


  1. Hi, I am keen to participate in the Brisbane Biz Whiz but I cannot find further details on the courses website. I am not sure if I got the right site, can you point me to it? Cheers.

  2. Hi there, we would love to see you in Brisbane! We're still in the process of fine tuning our calandar, but we hope to have the Bizz Wizz dates available by the end of the year, so be sure to keep an eye out!

  3. Thanks. I'll keep a lookout on this page! :)

  4. Hi Paris,
    I am interested in doing the Bizz Wizz course and I'm happy to come to Sydney (unfortunately the dates don't suit) but I read on the facebook page that you may be coming to Adelaide. Is this a definite?

    (I can't wait for the 106 course in Dec!! :))