Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Design Formula

After spending some time on the Tea Party (Planet Cake forum) I became aware that a lot of the posts refer to “cake design inspiration needed” so I thought that I would share a little bit about how I design our client’s cakes! I have developed my own formula for designing cakes. I am sure it’s not original but it usually works in creating a design that is perfect for the client, I hope this helps our students.

1. Venue
2. Emotion
3. Shape
4. # of People
5. Color
6. Decoration

Let’s use my Cousin Claire’s wedding cake as an example!

Venue: Small modern venue at botanical gardens – Needs a medium sized cake with modern shape.

Emotion: Claire wanted a cake that would be fun and have everyone relaxed.

Shape: After guidance on what the venue would require my cousin chose the Madhatter shape (I also suggested a square would have looked good)

Number of People: This can determine the size of the cake but I prefer to for match the venue. I always build up the cake with styro foam if required, or a kitchen cake if needed.

Colour: Claire’s bridesmaids were wearing aqua; a difficult colour to incorporate with a traditional shape, Claire also had burnt orange gerberas decorating the tables at the reception.

Decoration: Claire wanted figurines (this narrows things down considerably) as she and Rob are well known for their devotion (and attachment) to their pets they had to make an appearance. We suggested stars to balance so many figurines on the cake. I always design the figurines separately and then design the cake to match; think of the colour clash in the bride was wearing pink!

There you have it, easy and make sure you get the colour samples from the clients, I never would have guessed that Claires colours would be so bright!!

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  1. Oh this is great, I have always wondered how to incorporate the personality in every cake.... Beautiful cake by the way