Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big Bad Scary Opera House Cake!

Welcome to Cakes 2011!!! This year is guaranteed to be exciting and it is starting off with a bang, here I am at home tonight with Minky and Estelle (behind the camera) just gearing up to write this post to you!

I had a fabulous time playing Santa to gorgeous Estelle, Santa’s foot prints were a hit, but the choice of flour was dubious…I am a novice at this guys!!

However I spent most of my break writing a draft for our third book (I know its crazy). It will be very different from the last two books, fingers crossed you like it. You will be relieved to know that I also had time to put together some luscious workshops, I will post about these later! But as a sneak peak they include:

• Majestic Month of Sugar Flowers June/July 2011 (with sugar flower celebs)
• Cake Professor (Independent Teacher Training)

However to be honest since Christmas I have had nothing but sleepless nights about something much bigger and scarier! The challenge I have set making the worlds largest Opera House Cake which will kick off on the 18th of January (NXT WEEK!!!) when 22 volunteers from all around Australia come to help us make the largest replica of the Sydney Opera House in cake ever made.

The OH cake, due to be revealed at the Sydney Opera House on Australia Day (26th January) will take the entire 7 days of production working in 2 shifts and molding at least 120kg of cake (I am still calculating)! The OH cake crew will kick off with a debrief and Opera House site visit on the 18th before we begin 7 days of intense and incredibly complex cake decorating occupying all the PC kitchens, to give you an idea of how serious this is for the first time in 5 years PC cake production has been closed down.

The good news is that I have the most incredibly talented staff and our wonderful volunteers who will be our own personal cake decorating army. I will need all their talent and patience more than ever. We are embarking on a project where no cake decorator has gone before (on this scale). We will be working for the first time with 22 eager volunteers and have the whole event recorded by a TV crew for prosperity (I forgot to mention that bit I think I am blocking it out). On that note I might try emailing for the 5th time the decorating guru himself Jean-Michel Raynaud who is trying to have a holiday in Thailand, but will be back to help us and advise on the project himself. Jean Michel has worked for me before and I respect his vast experience in all things cake. Together with the owner of Sweet Art, Anthea Leonard, Jean Michel made a life size cake of Barbie for her 50th birthday this is the knowledge and experience I desperately need. Check out these incredible photos of Jean Michel doing his thing!!!

Today (Sunday) my partner John and I dragged my daughter Estelle around the OH, counting steps and taking photos of the concrete floor. Between you and me despite telling the PC crew that I have it under control, I actually have no idea how we are going to make the cake, but I bought the wooden model from the Opera House shop and I believe a lightening bolt will strike me tonight, or hopefully at least by the staff meeting at 10am tomorrow morning! It is terrifying to think that if we fail PC will be the laughing stock of the cake decorating community! How long do you think this is going to take me to put together????

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