Thursday, January 20, 2011


ME: I don't want to peak too early, today is day two and I feel haggard...need to sleep well and get a clear head before tomorrow, there will be so much to do. This is a photo of me, I am going down hill fast in the sanity department, although I do find this all weather attire useful!

WEATHER: A hot muggy day in Sydney, reality was sweating outside in the sun and making the styro cave like an oven

WHERE: Planet Cake’s studio 10 minutes from the CBD

Margie: It was Margie turn to shine today as she raced around carving styro, measuring, making the Bennelong Rest (small sails at the back) and getting everything she possibly could set up for us to be able to continue with ease tomorrow. A huge thank you Margie from me and the rest of the team, in a project like this it is incredibly valuable to have your experience and work ethic, you now have our permission to race off to your daughter’s wedding!!

Emma: I knew that I had a little gem when I hired Emma, but she is a diamond, absolutely fabulous in managing all the crew, dealing with stress, constantly changing plans and ME!!

PC Staff: All of the rest of the staff were in today and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow when we get cracking with the actual building.

ADDITIONAL CREW: Jono worked last night until very late, making sure we had our templates and the base boards to work from! He is still here now as I write this blog drilling the centre poles along the spine of the Opera House sails so that we can start building tomorrow.

The sopranos are a light and efficient team; they would definitely be the snow leopards of the crew, especially with their never ending passion for styro and all things difficult! We will be interviewing members of each team every day for face book and our update blog so stay tuned!

The Tenors have been on afternoon shift and as we have been waiting for the boards to be cut they have been left with only bits and pieces to do. The pace has slowed somewhat. I have given them a challenge to catch up top speed, tomorrow they will be on morning shift and the first to start constructing the cake. If they can get to the third layer of cake on the biggest sails before the end of their shift, then I will wear an “ILOVE THE TENORS” T-shirt and heart tattoos for the rest of the day…I did notice they leapt into action quite promptly.


Today was the day we collected the Styrofoam for the base and carved it, this was Margie’s domain so of course this was done! I had a sleepless night last night worrying about everything else! We needed drawings for the in-between boards, the boards cut and covered with vinyl and the centre poles in place before we could start building (layering) the cake. Unfortunately everything was done, but the cetrepoles not in place (just time constraints) so our plans for today were out the window in terms of actually starting on the cake and as a result we have carved the sails, made the 6inch dowels and made little people we will need at least 100!

TOMORROW: Jono Will finish the centre poles tonight (he is working on them now) this means that we can start layering the cake first thing. We need the cake completely sculpted and carved by Saturday night, so tomorrow will be crucial in making up time! Comon Tenors, I need you to break the back of it tomorrow morning!


  1. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see the finished Planet Cake people are absolutely amazing!!

  2. Dear Paris:
    I Specially proud of you and Planet Cake Team, that cake is amazing, gourges, wonderfull that is a biggest cake Opera House in the world....
    i glad was a student on PC,...and i proud of it
    From Lily