Friday, January 28, 2011

Paris is tired but happy! 28th January 2011

I have just finished watching Day 8 parts 1,2, and 3 of the Biggest SOHC the adrenaline is finally starting to drain from me and I am feeling my neck muscles relax a bit. On a practical level I am washing 3 loads of ganache stained clothes and have walked my dog for the first time in a week (lucky shes a chihuahua). Watching myself on video made me cringe especially as I was eating a magnum icecream at the same time as looking at my own bottom. However seeing the cake again was spectacular I still cannot really believe we did it. In saying this the one negative is that I do miss the volunteers, it feels like the weeks after christmas when all the excitment, relatives and good times suddenly disappear and you are just stuck with boring old mum and dad! The best thing to do is let go of the SOHC and start planning another stunt cake…………any thoughts?

With limited staff, courses running and everyone tired from the big project, it has been so important this week to keep morale up. So although I would prefer to crawl under a rock I have been trying to keep my energy up and keep from flagging. The best way to do this is to get my head stuck into another cake! I have given Adam a 7 tiers monstrosity of a cake, colors gold/latte and white, the clients are having 800 guests at their wedding and it is one of those cakes where the saying ‘making a silk purse out of a sows ear” is extremely apt. Adam and I have been discussing the cake for 2-3 weeks now and I have set him a challenge of turning this incredibly challenging cake into something beautiful! What would you do if your client came to your with the cake they had fallen in love with and it looked something like this? I look forward to showing you the results!!

You know that feeling when you are looking forward to having a day off, only to find out your dream has been ripped out from underneath your feet? After planning a day of lounging about and re-arranging my underwear drawer tomorrow I discovered I am working and not only that packing on the make up squishing my mangled feet into a pair of high heels and smiling for the cameras, yep its another socialite wedding (I promise photos) and I am really going to have to put on a performance worthy of an academy award.

I was feeling sorry for myself this afternoon and then discovered this baker/decorator...what genius I LOVE IT!

So that’s all from me, sleep tight and dream of cakes and perhaps one of these sweet things (or equivalent thereof)!

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