Saturday, January 29, 2011

How did Adams Cake Turn Out?

I mentioned a few days ago that Adam was making a 7 tier cake this week in Gold, Latte and Ivory………Warm, Creamy and Earthy! The wedding cake is going to a venue tomorrow very similar to this beautiful setting below, for a wedding Sunday evening at Doltone House in Sydney.

Please see my previous post:

"I have given Adam a 7 tiers monstrosity of a cake, colors gold/latte and white, the clients are having 800 guests at their wedding and it is one of those cakes where the saying ‘making a silk purse out of a sows ear” is extremely apt. Adam and I have been discussing the cake for 2-3 weeks now and I have set him a challenge of turning this incredibly challenging cake into something beautiful! What would you do if your client came to your with the cake they had fallen in love with and it looked something like this? I look forward to showing you the results"

Although this cake was a long time in the making, I was thrilled with the results. It was a difficult cake because we did not want to reproduce it, the gold in particularly was too strong for the venue. Therefore we decided to make the base colour latte and dust it in gold. Adam’s beautiful handmade sugar roses were made in ivory and latte and some we dusted with gold dust and steamed and others just dusted, I think the result is like a warm coffee dusted with chocolate rather than a gold cupid. Adam did a wonderful job, sometimes is about taking something really challenging and improving it while still keeping the client happy! I feel a greater sense of achievement with these cakes than any other.

Well done Adam!


  1. It's magnificent - and may I say much more elegant than the red and gold. So much talent...!